Caddo Lake in East Texas, located just outside the historic little town of Uncertain, is a swampy maze of 400-year-old bald cypress trees dripping in Spanish moss and showcasing more species of animal and plant life than you can find any other place in Texas. The colors are a variety of dull and splendidly vibrant. A vision of biological wonders, the silence is deafening yet magnificent. Legends of Caddo Lake hardly compares to its mystical truths and rich history.
Caddo Lake is described as the most beautiful lake in America. A natural lake of fresh water covering 26,000 acres. The friendly Caddo Indians were the first settlers there, but they were eventually relocated. Later, it became a haven for outlaws and all activities and questionable cohorts associated with them. There was a short-lived pearl boom, and campfires could be seen for miles around the shores of the Big Lake of Caddo. Paddle boats and steamboats occupied the lake by the 1830’s transporting goods and people. In more modern times, oil was discovered. Today oil, fishing, and lodging is a big part of the life of Caddo Lake and looks to stay that way for a long time to come.
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Things to Do in Caddo Lake, TX

There’s nothing better to do at Caddo Lake than rent a clean, comfortable, get-away cabin for a peaceful quiet retreat from your normal whirlwind of work and activities. McDaniel Vacation Properties provides you with everything you need to leisurely soak in the colorful beauty and mystery of Caddo Lake. From a leisurely canoe ride, you can paddle through the water lilies, fish, bird watch, or take in a beautiful sunset. In the evening, enjoy a campfire outside your cabin. It’s all there and more for you to do in your own time. Of course, communities and towns are near enough that you can enjoy the local color and culture as well.